How to Transfer Messages from Android Phone to Mac?

Please download and install the latest version of Tansee Android Message Transfer for Mac here.
Open Tansee Android Message Transfer.
Download and install Tansee Android Message Transfer app on your android phone from here.
Open Tansee Android Message Transfer on your Android phone.
Please make sure that your phone and the computer are connected the same WIFI Network.
Please keep android screen on while transfer.
Tansee can automatcally detect and connect your Android phone.
Click 'Read Messages' on your Android Phone.
Set Tansee Message Transfer as your default SMS app.
Note: 'Set as default SMS App' is requied to read all messages. Once the backup is done, you will receive a prompt to set it back.
Choose messages, and click 'Send Messages To Computer'.
Tansee program will display all messages.
Click the button labeled 'Backup' located at the bottom of the screen. Choose Backup type. Click 'Start Backup'.
Click 'Print' button. Click 'Start Print'. Print messages exactly as they appear on your Android Phone.
Print Messages with Date and Time
Click Register button and put in your license code to get full version.